Bodyworks Ireland was set up by Sonya Keogh and is focused on providing high quality services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Her clinical experience ranges from treating chronic and acute pain in adults of all ages and abilities, working with athletes and elderly clients suffering mobility issues such as osteoporosis and working with children. Sonya is qualified in many styles of massage but specializes in Amatsu, Deep Tissue & Remedial Massage. 

Sonya chose to become a physical therapist following an accident which injured her back. She has had to attend many hours of physical therapy due to a weakness and still now has to maintain good back health.

‘‘I have unfortunately learned a lot about injury, treatment and rehabilitation during the years I trained in martial arts. I believe I have a vast wealth of experience gained from my own injuries and pain management, due to physical activity and training.

Why Bodyworks Ireland?

At Bodyworks Ireland you will get a tailor made treatment, whether it be to de-stress your body using the best quality essential oils and relaxed atmosphere, or if there is a deeper chronic issue that has been niggling in the background for some time.

Reduce healing time of injuries, boost energy levels & relieve tension.